The George Yerger Hog Wild Catalina 22 Regatta and State Championship

 The George Yerger Hog Wild Catalina 22

Regatta and State Championship

May 4, 5, 2024

Iron Mountain Yacht Club, DeGray Lake, Arkansas

Fleet 145

After hosting the 2023 Catalina 22 National Championship last year, Iron Mountain Yacht Club hardly knew what to do with itself putting on a Region 8 Regatta. It was certainly a much lower intensity level, but refreshing and very enjoyable with all the great people. There were 6 Catalinas registered, 3 or 4 less than normally showed up at our other Hog Wild Regattas, but all 6 were quite competitive boats.  

All week leading up to the Hog Wild, the weather forecast had no idea where to land. It stayed the same Saturday morning, with forecasts all over the place. At first, there was no wind. Then, it slowly started to build. Our PRO, Greg Hamilton from Grand Maumelle Sailing Club, would just get the windward buoy set and the wind would shift. Not just a little but by 30 degree plus increments. The PRO chased this for several different course changes until the wind seemed to settle in for a bit.  We finally got a race off. 

The short course was at about 270 with the wind around 5 kn. On the return leg, the wind started its dying routine, and the course was shortened to one leg. 

Mike Lindstrom beat everyone to the finish with George Yerger 2nd, not too far behind Ghost. Next came Chuck Atkinson, Mitch Bullock, Katie McBride, then Yanic Harel. 

As the wind has yet died again, the waiting game was on. The wind would tease us here and there. Finally, it teased itself 180 degrees around, but filled in fair. To expedite things, we had a downwind start! The wind only lasted a short time. It was basically the same course as the first but the wind was reversed! Five boats took the start. Needless to say, the fickle wind proceeded to dye off about halfway to the pin, so the course was shortened to finish at the mark end. The boats all got off to a good start and they were packed right together down the course. Coming to the finish line, there was not a half a boat length between 1st and 5th! I have never seen a Cat 22 race finish so close with so many boats. What a finish!!! See pics at end below. 

Lindstrom was 1st, Chuck Atkinson inched out Yanic Harel for 2nd, then Katie McBride, and next George Yerger.  

Overall Final Results:      First Race      Second Race     Final

Mike Lindstrom                     1                        1                  2

Chuck Atkinson                      3                        2                 5

George Yerger                         2                        5                 7

Katie McBride                        5                        4                 9

Yanic Harel                             6                        3                 9

Mitch Bullock                        4                        7 DNS        11  

The weather forecasters finally got it right on Sunday morning. Big thunderstorms were forecast at about 9:00AM, and sure enough, they came with all gusto. After everyone got together earlier, Katie made the final call to cancel Sunday races. It continued to rain well after noon. All the racers got off the water and loaded up without incident and headed home.

Congratulations to Mike Lindstrom and his crew, Lindsay and Donovan, for their First Place finish!!! Great job finessing the light air!

We have to make note that both Arkansas boats single handed! And, finished 2nd and 3rd!!!

And, least we forget about the Famous Rocky's Ribs Saturday night. 

Many thanks to our personnel in getting the Hog Wild done. We never can do these events without them.

We thank everyone for coming to the George Yerger Hog Wild and hope everyone had a grand time. We want to see you next year. 

Thanks Again, IMYC


The PRO waiting on the wind. 

See the wind line dying out towards the start/finish (1st race)!
Mike Lindstrom and crew between the pin and offset.

Yerger single handed putting up the whisker pole on Sirocco!

Doing more "Waiting on the Wind" after the first race. 

Near the Start of the 2nd Race.  Downwind! Only 5 started. 

The Pack Stayed close all the way. 

With the obvious wind failure near the end of the first leg, the course was shortened to a one leg finish. Here is the pack coming to the finish.

All in a row nearing the finish!

Yerger (blue on the far side) gained a half a boat near the end. 

Now this is close!

All 5 boats were within a half boat length!!!